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--- Dave Rodenbaugh and Craig Hewitt ---

The Rogue Startups podcast features two bootstrapped startup founders as they grow their businesses. We feature experts in the fields of sales, marketing, and product development to hear how they're growth hacking their productized services, WordPress plugins, and SaaS products. If you are on the journey of an entrepreneur then tune and hear how we're tackling some of the same obstacles you may be facing, and how we're winning in the game of business. Listeners of Startups for the Rest of Us, Mixergy, Zero to Scale, Bootstrapped Web, The Startup Chat, and Rhodium Podcast will love checking out our show!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. RS194: MicroConf Europe Recap

    Dave and Craig talk are both back and today they’re catching everyone up on some surprise snow, school vacations, and Craig gives Dave a recap of the MicroConf in Croatia. Not only did Craig spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs, but he also got the chance to ...


  2. RS193: A little bit Carnegie, a little bit Tennyson - Adii Pienaar on life and two exits

    Today on Rogue Startups, Dave is talking with “one of the ten youngest billionaires in Africa” Adii Pienaar about his entrepreneurial history and Conversio’s acquisition by Campaign Monitor. Adii talks about why he took the exit fro Conversio, the difficulties in e-commerce and e-marketing, the move from customer ...


  3. RS192: Do You Need A Mastermind?

    Today on Rogue Startups, Craig and Dave talk about masterminds, peer feedback, and a tweetstorm by Briana about Stripe. They go over the benefits of mastermind groups, the different types, and what makes a good one. They share their experiences, what they each need from a group, and ...


  4. RS191: The Baggage That Comes With High Growth

    In this episode, Dave and Craig talk through Recapture's recent growth spurt and the opportunities (and challenges) that it provides to Dave and the team. Resources Mentioned Microconf State of Independent SaaS Companies Survey NetworkThinking ...


  5. RS190: Andy Baldacci on being an Effective Founder

    Today Craig talks to Andy Baldacci about Andy’s background, his current projects, and what it takes to be an effective founder. Craig and Andy also talk about cofounders and sharing duties, the extra stress that comes with being a founder, “wearing the product hat”, optimizing, mapping out the ...