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--- Dave Rodenbaugh and Craig Hewitt ---

The Rogue Startups podcast features two bootstrapped startup founders as they grow their businesses. We feature experts in the fields of sales, marketing, and product development to hear how they're growth hacking their productized services, WordPress plugins, and SaaS products. If you are on the journey of an entrepreneur then tune and hear how we're tackling some of the same obstacles you may be facing, and how we're winning in the game of business. Listeners of Startups for the Rest of Us, Mixergy, Zero to Scale, Bootstrapped Web, The Startup Chat, and Rhodium Podcast will love checking out our show!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. RS199: Doing The Product Dance

    In episode 199, we talk about our surprise Christmas plans for episode 200 (a Q&A from some great people in the start-up community, to be released on Christmas Day). Dave talks about how well things are going with Recapture and how the progress has been ...


  2. RS198: Marketing 201 with Asia Matos

    Today, I am talking with Asia Matos (the CEO and founder of Demand Maven) about marketing. This episode is not for the faint of heart; it’s mainly for people who already know a bit about marketing. If you’re new to marketing, there will still be a lot of ...


  3. RS197: Not Losing Your Mind

    This week Dave and Craig talk through the challenges of maintaining a level head even in the face of some of the most challenging emotional times as a founder. The particularly difficult times for us include: Navigating times of slow ...


  4. RS196: Getting Outside Your Wheelhouse

    Today on Rogue Startups, Dave and Craig talk about when and why we should move horizontally in the podcasting world and in eCommerce. They talk about the pros and cons of moving horizontally and branching out, checkbox strategies, and when it can be a boat anchor instead of ...


  5. RS195: Mastering Marketing Attribution

    In this episode Craig and Dave talk through the challenges of middle and bottom of funnel marketing attribution after a great suggestion from former guest on the show James Kennedy. If you're not already using UTM parameters to track external links to your site in ...